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Thunder in the Valley

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Thunder in the Valley
Oct 12, 2007 Thunder in the Valley
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Band: Thunder In The Valley Date: 10/12/2007 Venue: The Record Bar Location: Kanasas City, MO Source: Josephson C42MP > V3 > D8 Lineage: D8 > Presonus FireStudio > Reaper > .Wav > CDWave > .Flac Taped by: Michael B Lindsey ( Transferred by: Michael B Lindsey ( Set: One Disc:1 01. The Skies May Cease To Be 02. The Bay 03. Central Intelligence 04. (New Untitled) 05. Come Now Virginia 06. (New Untitled) 07. My One & Only Anna Lee 08....
Source: Josephson C42MP > V3 > D8